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Our Story

Since its inception in 2001, Premier Parking has been committed to raising the bar for the parking management experience throughout the country. We answered the request from our rapidly growing base of healthcare clients to develop a portfolio of solutions specifically tailored to meet their unique needs.  Branded Premier Care, we have successfully developed this healthcare portfolio by partnering with industry experts to fully understand our healthcare client's growing challenges and to overcome those challenges by providing a level of service, trust, and accountability that had long been absent in this space.  Today, Premier manages over 75 healthcare parking and transportation operations.

With Premier Care, healthcare facilities can expect to gain a partner who truly understands their needs and shares the common goals of increasing patient satisfaction, removing waste and inefficiencies, and raising the standard of care, one patient at a time.

Our Approach

Our Story

Delivering diverse solutions to form authentic partnerships, creating value at every level, by empowering our team of competitive, passionate people.

With a mission statement like that, our management services require us to be experts in many different facets that are unique to our business.  From assisting a patient or visitor with directions to addressing ADA compliance issues, we wear many different hats. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology but still very much understand that it comes down to people helping people.

We become a team member at every healthcare facility in which we service and want to act as an extension of the high-quality care that your facility is known for.

At current healthcare facilities that we manage for our clients, we have made positive impacts on the operations by delivering substantial improvements in higher patient satisfaction scores, improved bottom-line through reduced operating expenses, accountability of income and expenses, appearance and maintenance of parking areas, amongst others.  We look forward to creating lasting value for you at your facility!

Our Vision

To disrupt what it means to be a parking company; To inspire people to be better than they think possible, for themselves, for each other, for Premier, and for our clients.

Meet the Team

With a leadership team encompassing over 200+ years of industry experience, we are proud to have these folks leading the charge and representing Premier in the healthcare field!

Ryan Hunt

Chief Executive Officer

William Clay

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Sprouse

Chief Marketing Officer

Hunter Kitchens

Vice President/General Counsel

Bob Chapman

Vice President of Design & Consulting

Ben Wolfley

Chief Financial Officer

Lora Pfeffer

Vice President | Sales

Deanna Lazarus

Vice President | Human Resources

Next Steps...

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